Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Chatham

Our Mission :  “To Know Christ and Make Him Known”

The Anglican Parish of Chatham is a two-point parish consisting of St. Mary’s on Wellington Street and St. Paul’s on Water Street.

We celebrate the Holy Eucharist at both ends of the parish each Sunday and we welcome you to come worship with us and grow into a closer relationship with our Lord  and Savior!

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Sunday's Readings

October 1st – 18th Sunday After Pentecost

Exodus 17: 1-7

Psalm 78: 1-4, 12-16

Philippians 2: 1-13

Matthew 21: 23-32

September 24th – 17th After Pentecost

Exodus 16: 2-15 / Psalm 105: 1-6, 37-45

Philippians 1: 21-30 / Matthew 20: 1-16

Thought for the Week

Our religion should point to God, and not to the structures that we erect around our religion. We must worship the Lord in such a way that people notice Him rather than beautiful clothes, expensive buildings, and lofty prayers.

  • Grace For Each Moment


October 1st – – Sunday Services -9am @ St. Mary’s & 11am @ St. Paul’s

Sunday School has resumed.

September 25th – Community Kitchen @ St. Mary’s

September 28th – Week Day Service @ St. Mary”s

October 14th – Fall Supper @ St. Paul’s

October 15th – Food Bank Sunday

October 16th – Vestry Meeting

For more info check the calendar.

Anglican Parish of Chatham
St. Paul's and St. Mary's
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