Food Mentor Training Course – Tuesday, October 10th from 9-4pm at the Point Church in Newcastle. This course will be held each Tuesday until November 7th and is  offered by a Registered Mango Dietitian. The course is free of charge and recommended for anyone volunteering with/around food (such as Community Kitchen). For more information or to register, please contact Charlotte Loggie by October 1st at or call 773-7455.

Confirmation Sunday – May 6, 2018.  Anyone interested is asked to contact the office at 773-7387 to register. Participants must be 11 years old by the date of confirmation.  Please let others know.

Life  In The Eucharist  – Coming soon…. This is a training program for children who wish to receive First Communion but are not of confirmation age. Please call the office 773-7387 to register.

Food Safety – Do you volunteer with Community Kitchen or another food-related program?  A free course in food safety will be given in October sponsored by Mango.Dates will be announced and will be published as soon as known. For further information, please call Melanie Cormier, R.D. at 627-7562.

Diocesan Insurance Changes – Our diocesan insurance now requires that any event held in church/basements that are not directly related to the church ( for example: birthday parties or anniversary celebrations), be covered under Event Insurance. There is an application to fill out and the cost of liability insurance for these types of events will be $75.00 and must be paid at the time of the application.  Contact the office or the church wardens for more information.

Diocesan Financial and Administrative Assistant –  There is an opening for this position in Fredericton .  The successful applicant will be responsible  for event management, accounts payable and receivable, and related functions.  The full job description can be viewed on the diocesan website. Closing date is August 23rd. Applications can be sent to

5th Sunday of the Month – It was decided at Vestry that during the months with 5 Sundays, that the fifth Sunday would be a combined service alternating  between St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s.  The first combined service will be July 30th at St. Mary’s at 10am.

Friendly Reminder Our churches are scent free areas.  Please do not wear strong perfume/cologne on Sundays or to church events. Thank you for helping others who have strong allergies to these scents.

Parish Newsletter – Anyone willing to share some recipes, articles or information for future newsletters  please contact Gina at 773-9609 or at  Deadline for the next newsletter submissions is September 11th.

Library Books – The Church Library will not be accepting any more books at this time as we have a large amount of books to process. Thanks to all who donate the books and use the library

Greeters For St. Mary’s – If you can help with this ministry, please call Gina Quann at 773-9609.

Sunday SchoolVolunteers are needed to help with the Sunday Schools. At St. Mary’s contact Carlene at 627-1989.

.Prayer Cards –  Our parish prayer cards were updated last fall. If you have not received a prayer card and would like one, please speak with Linda McLean or call 622-0032 for more information.

For prayers requests please contact Arlene Taylor @ 352-0150  or email her at or text message @ 210-0654.

Used Stamp Program – Did you know that approx. one pound of stamps = one Bible? So save all your CANCELLED stamps . There are labelled containers at the back of both churches in which to donate your used stamps

Prayer Boxes – A prayer box has been placed at the back of each church. If you would like to have prayer for a particular person (or situation), write his or her name on a slip of paper and place it in the box. The box will be taken to the altar with the offering for prayer. No names are revealed as the prayer box is sealed at all times except when it is full and the papers are taken out and burned. This prayer box does not replace the prayer line or the bulletin prayers, but is another way of praying for someone or some situation that you do not wish to share with anyone else.

S.A.M. Ministry – If you know of someone in our church family who has been ill, recuperating from an operation or has a new baby and would like a meal brought to them, we have a group of volunteers at St. Mary’s who would love to bring a meal. Please contact Karen Kaiser at 352-8255.

VIM (Visit Inform Minister) – If you know of a fellow parishioner whom you feel should be sent a card from the Parish or who would like to have a visit, please call Phyllis Blakely at 773-9776 and let her know about it. Thank you for your support in this ministry.

Parishioners who are shut in and wish to celebrate Holy Communion at home can call Eddie Quann at 773-9609.

The Daily Bread for September, October, and November is now available at the back of the churches. If you wish to contribute financially, please add it to your offering envelope marked Daily Bread.

Parishioners are reminded to update their Family Profile Form if there are changes to phone number, address, email, etc. If you are new to the Parish and have not completed a form and would like to be on the Parish List, please pick up a form at the back of the church and place it in the designated box or pass it in to the Church Office when completed.

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