St Mary’s Greeters – Please contact Gina Quann at 773-9609 if you can help out with this ministry.

Next Parish Newsletter –  The next edition of  Parish Matters will be September 8th. Articles are due no later than August 25th. Articles can be submitted to Gina Quann at

Graduates – Anyone graduating this year from High School are asked to please contact the Church Office as soon as possible as we are planning our Graduation Banquet.

Church Keys – If you have a key for either church or the sheds, please call the Church Office so your name can be added to the key list.

Community Kitchen is looking for someone  to cook and be responsible for the meal on some Mondays with the help of the kitchen volunteers. We are also looking for help with clean up at 5pm each Monday. If you can help in any way please contact Claire Fracker at 625-7290.  thank you to all those who have been volunteering.

Summer Student – The Parish has been approved for one summer student for 6 weeks of employment at 35 hours per week. If  you are interested and are returning to school in the fall, please drop your resume off at the Office. POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED.

Organist/Choir Director – We are now receiving resumes for the position of Organist/Choir Director for St. Mary’s.  For more information and job description, please contact the Parish Office. Drop off resumes to the Parish Office.  This position is open to the general public.

Atlantic Christian Ashram Brochures (Berwick, N.S.) – July 13to 18.   Now available at the back of both churches.  For more information contact Eddie or Gina Quann at 773-9609.

NB Christian Ashram  (Browns Flat) – August 8th to 11th.  Brochures are now available at the back of the church.  Music – Ted Lynch.  Contact Clare Fracker at 625-7290 for more information.

Donation  of Book of Alternative Services – If you would like to donate a Book of Alternative Services  at St. Mary’s in memory of a loved one, please call or go see Katrina at the Church Office.  Cost is $20.00.

New Stove Goal – Received to the end of May – $17860.06. We have reached and surpassed our goal.  Thank you to everyone who gave and prayed for our fundraiser to purchase a new commercial stove for St. Mary’s Kitchen. . 

Confirm your subscription to the N.B. Anglican newspaper by contacting 1-866-333-0959.

Thanks to all who helped with the Pancake Supper. It was a huge success.  Thanks to all who donated food, money, other items, as well as those who prepared the meal and worked during the meal, and to those who pitched in to help.  Proceeds of $1006.48 was donated to the Miramichi Food Bank.

Life In The Eucharist – If you are interested in taking this course , please contact Eddie or Gina Quann at 773-9609. ( Ages 7 and up)

New Stove – To the end of January a total of $5270.71 has been collected. The goal is $15000.00. If you wish to donate please put your donation in your regular envelope under “Other ” and specify “Stove”.  Thank you.

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