Parish Groups and Programs

A ten week program held when  there is enough interest.  It is a course for beginning Christians or anyone wanting to learn more about their Christian faith.  For more information contact Gina Quann at 773-9609.


A lay ministry to serve God in His house by preparing the Sanctuary for worship;  maintaining and caring for the sacred vessels, altar, linens, and vestment;, and serving the clergy and the parish.  The guild welcomes women and men to take turns in serving.  For more information contact the Church Office at 773-7387 (St. Mary’s) or Holly Gallant (St. Paul’s) at 622-1151.

The parish is blessed to have two groups – St. Mary’s ACW and St. Paul’s ACW.  The groups usually meet biweekly in the church or at a member’s home.  For more information please contact  the Office  at 773-7387 (St. Mary’s)  or Lorna Urquhart (St. Paul’s) at 622-4818.

There is a Bible Study at each church on Sunday mornings – just before worship at St. Paul’s and after worship at St. Mary’s. There  are also ongoing Home Bible Study Groups during the week.  From time to time  there are large group studies at the church offered by the Rector, usually in the church basement.   For more information contact  the Church Office at 773-7387.

The choir at St. Paul’s is directed by Janet Stothart.  There is no regular choir at St. Mary’s.  Music is led by Ted Lynch or volunteers from the church.

THE CHRISTMAS HAMPERS FOOD AND GIFT PROGRAM  is organized in conjunction with other churches and service groups in the Chatham/Miramichi area whose aim is to assist in making Christmas better for those in need. For more information contact Brian or Linda McLean at 622-0032.

A hot meal is provided to the needy in the area. Supper is served each Monday from 4 to 5pm.  For more information contact Dorothy Tracy at 622-0070 or the church office at 773-7387.

Nonperishble food items  as well as monetary donations are collected the third Sunday of the month.  All donations Items collected are turned over  to the local Food Bank. For more information contact Deanne Baldwin at 773-5248.

A parish newsletter is published four times a year and parish members are invited to submit articles for publication. For more information or to submit an article contact Gina Quann at 773-9609.

The Libray is housed at St. Mary’s with a small display at St. Paul’s. It has an assortment of Christian materials – books, DVDS, VHSs, which are available for loan to parishioners. Children’s books as as well as Bible study materials are also available.   Contact Linda McLean at 622-0032 for more information.

This group meets at 6:00 a.m. to approximately 7:30 a.m. each Friday at St. Mary’s and is attended by men from different denominations, varied work backgrounds and age groups. However, the men all have a ‘single purpose’, which is a heart’s desire for our Miramichi community to be Christian and its people to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. The meetings usually include a time of worship, prayer and sharing. Contact Rick Mills at 226-4509 OR Keith Trevors at 622-7502  for more information.

A group of prayer warriors who pray for people who request  intercession. All prayer requests to the line are kept confidential.  Call Donna Blake at 627-9654 or email at if you are requesting prayer.

This group of men provide support to our Pastor and meet at different times and locations which are announced in the weekly bulletin and on this web site.  For more information contact Rick Mills at 226-4509.


If you would like prayer for a certain person or situation, but do not wish to share it directly , just write the name of the person or situation  on the paper provided and place it it in the prayer box at the back of the church.  The box is prayed over at the altar during the communion service.

Another group of prayer warriors who meet weekly on Wednesday mornings to uphold in prayer the parish, the people, and particular needs.   The group meets at 8:30am at St. Mary’s.

A group of knitters who pray as they  knit shawls for the sick and those in need of comfort.  For more information contact Anna Morris or the Church Office at 773-7387.


The people of the parish shop each year to fill the boxes for children around the world to support this project of Samaritan’s Purse.  Boxes are filled with toys , hygiene items, and school supplies.  The boxes are picked up from the churches and taken to a designated drop off area where they are then forwarded to Samaritan’s Purse Canada and prepared for distribution.

A group of volunteers who donate their time and cooking talents to send a meal to a person(s) in the parish who is ill , recuperating from an operation, etc.  For more information contact Bryan Cornish at 352-0279.

Sunday School classes are held during Sunday Services  for children from nursery to Grade 5.  The children join the rest of the congregation for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  The contact for St. Mary’s is Gina Quann (773-9609) and for St. Paul’s is Barb Parsons (622-0896).

V.I.M. (Visit  Inform Minister)
This ministry reaches out to others of the parish who are sick, shut in, new to the parish, and those who  have not been attending on a regular basis. Cards are distributed and visits arranged if requested. The parish also provides information on the parish for visitors and people new to the parish.  Contact the church office at 773-7387 for information.

Youth who are interested in assisting the Rector and Layreaders with the Sunday Services  should contact the Rev. Ed Quann at 773-9609.

The web site is updated weekly with parish events and the Rector’s sermons.

For more information on any of the above, please call the Church Office at 773-7387.

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