Parish Matters – The next issue will be published in November 2020. Please forward any article and/or writing , etc. to Gina – 773-9609.

Congratulations – To Venerable Perry Cooper on his recent installation as Canon of Christ Church Cathedral and Collation as Archdeacon of Chatham.

Greeters’ Schedule For St. Mary’s – If you are interested in acting as a greeter please call the Church Office or Donna Blake at 627-9654 as a new schedule is being prepared. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped prepare the take-out meal on August 26th and to all who worked to get the meal out , delivered meals, donated food and desserts, donated money towards the dinner. You all made it a huge success. The profit of $1652.00 is going to the Rev. Paul Jeffries Mission in Uganda.

Supporting Our Police Department – If you would like to write a prayer or a note of support to our local police department cards will be handed out today for you to do so. Please return these cards by next Sunday, July 12th and give to the Warden of either church. For more information contact the office or Claire Fracker. 87 notes were received and delivered on July 15th. Thank you.

Prayer Chain – Our new Prayer Chain contact is Donna Blake. If you have prayer requests call her at 627-9654 or email her at

Office Procedures During The COVID 19 Pandemic –  If you need to drop something off you can do so by placing it in the locked mailbox at the front door.  If you need to pick up something or to drop by the church please call ahead. There is an X on the floor outside the office , so please be respectful and do not enter the office. Respect social distancing.  (Thank you, my family bubble appreciates it! – Katrina)

The Power Point Schedule is mainly reliant on two people.  If this ministry is to continue uninterrupted more volunteers are needed. Training is available. Contact Kallie or the Office for more information.

Lay Pastoral Visitors – Rev. Perry is interested in training interested persons in becoming lay pastoral visitors.  Please speak to Rev. Perry for more information.

The Leaving In Style Program at the NB Women’s Correctional Center is in need of winter jackets, pants sizes 10/12/14/16/ and boots and sneakers sizes 7/8/9.  If any of you have any of these items that you can donate , it would be greatly appreciated.  You can drop them off a the church office during office hours.  Thank you.

E-Offering is a great way to tithe to the church. There are forms at the back of each church for you to enroll and get started. You can choose to give on a weekly or monthly basis. If you would like to know more contact Katrina at the church office.

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